About us

Why the Alliance for Health in Mozambique?

In a context of increasing inequality and commodification, defending health as a right, in a country like Mozambique, is an imperative need. Despite the progress made in recent years, the vast majority of the population in Mozambique continues to have many difficulties in making this right effective.

There are many factors that prevent universal and quality health from being accessible to all people, especially the poorest and most vulnerable population. But, perhaps the most significant one is the little importance attributed to the social determinants of health (SDH), and the right to health itself is violated due to the lack of knowledge of these determinants.

What we are

It is important to join forces between all organizations, entities, social movements, civil society, universities and research institutes that consider that health is a right, not a consumer good, and that the best way to guarantee this same right is through the promotion of public policies that address the social determinants of health (SDH). This need is the starting point for launching the Alliance for Health, a platform of Mozambican and international actors whose common objective is to defend the Right to Health, from the perspective of the social determinants of health.

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Principles
  • Goals
  • Pillars

Focus on public policies in Mozambique, through greater citizen engagement and participation, in order to allow health to be a right for the entire population.

We believe that, through network cooperation between civil society entities, companies, public administration, universities and research centres, or others, we can help to improve public health policies in Mozambique, by addressing social determinants of health, focused on generating greater awareness of health as a human and fundamental right, in the defence of primary health care and in its equitable access for all people.

  • People are put first. In other words, we defend human life, dignity and equal rights among all citizens, regardless of their origin, religion, political ideology or any other distinguishing mark, as fundamental and inviolable principles;

  • Human rights and social justice are both as means of struggle and action as an end to this network. In particular the Human Right to Health and equity in health, based on the principle of health for all;

  • Policy and strategy changes must be viewed in a structural and gradual way;

  • The developed actions must be carried out by people and / or entities that understand health as a fundamental human right and that promote the defence of primary health care and public health based on the human rights approach and that takes into account its social determinants (economic, cultural, political, environmental, gender and others);

  • The organization of this network is governed by horizontal dialogue, democratic participation and the free will to cooperate among all its members, regardless of the size and volume of resources that each one can contribute to the functioning of the network.

  • Establish a platform of national and international actors whose common denominator is to consider and defend that health is a fundamental human right and not a consumer good.

  • Become a reference space in terms of research, training and defence of the Right to Health in Mozambique, focusing on its main determinants.

  • Defend the public health system and primary health care as the strategy that could better serve the interests and needs of the entire population, under conditions of equality and equity

The Alliance for Health is based on 3 main pillars, namely:

  • Research – Alliance for Health Research Agenda.

  • Training – School of Health Activism (SHA).

  • Advocacy – Action for Health

Who we are

An initiative by medicusmundi that acts as a host and promoter of this network of national and international actors for the defence of the right to health. medicusmundi has been positioning itself in Mozambique as an NGO that gives priority to the primary health care strategy and an approach based on the social determinants of health, in dialogue with the Government, academic institutions and civil society.

  • A network
  • Members and partners
  • Donors

The Alliance for Health is a network of civil society entities, from different areas of intervention in society (health, education, gender, environment and others), which is intended as a social movement to defend the Right to Health for the entire population Mozambique, through the sharing of knowledge and evidence, training and carrying out advocacy and awareness actions.

It is hoped that the Alliance for Health can be organized based on the sum of its members' efforts and contributions, without the need for a complex structure or resources that they cannot assume.

Where are we going

The Alliance for Health aims to be a reference platform in knowledge creation and exchange on issues such as the Right to Health, Primary Health Care (PHC), Social Determinants of Health (SDH) in Mozambique, among others, with the objective of continuing to integrate the joint work of all national and international forces that defend that health is a right of all citizens of the world and of Mozambique, in particular.

  • A Social Movement

The Alliance for Health aims to be, finally, a social movement to defend the Right to Health in Mozambique. Bearing in mind that a social movement is a form of expressing the views of civil society, through which participating citizens seek, in collective actions, to achieve different types of social change, this movement intends to influence changes in terms of policies, strategies and even the budget of the National Health System, focusing on primary health care and the social determinants of health.