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The Alliance for Health aims to influence social transformation and public health policies in Mozambique, in a perspective of constructive cooperation and collaboration. For the pursuit of this pillar, it is necessary that all the members of the Alliance for Health are involved and are truly participants, since it will be the sum of the efforts of each one that will make visible the actions that are intended to be carried out.

In this context, the pillar of Advocacy - Action for Health - will essentially be based on the evidence-based knowledge generated by the research projects (Research) and the training actions for knowledge sharing (Training - SHA), in order to carry out concrete advocacy actions and raising awareness with a view to: influencing public policies with an impact on health, but also influencing social and behavioural changes to defend the Right to Health, based on the social determinants of health approach.

In the advocacy component there will be various activities aimed at improving political dialogue and evidence-based knowledge that demonstrate the need to support policies that promote primary health care, approaches based on social determinants of health, equity in health, or other relevant matters that have an impact and that allow advancing the full exercise of the Right to Health in Mozambique.

In the awareness component, campaigns will be implemented through the production of audio-visual materials and IEC to raise public awareness about the Right to Health. But also, about each of the social, economic, political, cultural, environmental, gender and other determinants that influence it. In this sense, in the design and implementation of actions and campaigns, leadership, recognition and social relevance, experience and intrinsic knowledge will always be taken into account in each of the areas where member organizations (allies) work: health, education, gender, environment or others.