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Alliance for Health builds digital identity

The Alliance for Health is a network of civil society entities from different areas of intervention in society that defends the Right to Health for the entire population of Mozambique, through the sharing of knowledge and evidence, training and carrying out actions of advocacy and awareness.

During the first half of 2021, the Alliance for Health began a process of defining its digital identity and building its own digital strategy. The activity, carried out with the support of professor and journalist Carlos Bajo Erro, aimed to define a strategy for the use of digital tools, to ensure coherent communication through social networks and other instruments of the digital environment. Together with the members of the Alliance for Health, a questionnaire was drawn up to collect the different sensitivities, interpretations and concerns of member organizations in these matters.


Based on the information obtained, the Alliance for Health's digital identity was defined, which transfers the Alliance's spirit, meaning and values to the digital environment and determines a way for the movement to exist in the digital environment. In the last stage of this process, the definition of the digital identity was materialized in a strategy that brings together the details of how to act in the digital environment to do it in a coherent way with those same goals, interests and values.