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Right to Health Health Activism

A further step towards awareness-raising on the Right to Health

The Alliance for Health advocates a community-based approach as a key factor to obtain positive results in awareness-raising and activism actions for promoting the right to health in the city of Maputo. 

Aware of its role in promoting health, the Alliance for Health organized last Saturday (April 9th), a Health Fair promoting the "education and awareness of citizenship and authorities on activities and right to health". This event took place in the municipal pitch of Zimpeto and had the participation of the council representatives of health and welfare of the Municipality of Maputo and several civil society organizations.


The objective of the Health Fair was to contribute and make visible improvements in the following areas: right to health, obstetric violence, services to victims of gender-based violence, patient's rights and duties, sexual diversities and positive masculinities, focused on obtaining positive effects on strengthening the health system.


In the inaugural intervention, the Health Councillor of Maputo, Dr. Cheila Xerinda, stressed the importance of the proactivity of the living forces of society in awareness-raising and activism actions to create a healthcare system, since "certain realities can only change if everyone collaborates in favor of the common good."


In turn, other participants (exhibitors from the Alliance for Health member organizations) emphasized that there are still challenges in access to a quality healthcare system, especially when talking about public service in the largest city in Mozambique. In this sense, in response to this reality, the organizers reported that the activate campaign is seeking to intervene, both to raise awareness, and to guide the Government and health authorities to guide themselves by good practices and improving health services.


At the Health Fair, the Alliance for Health has joined various activities in the same space: blood donation, aerobic gymnastics, oral health, nutrition services, child health, glycemia measurement, traditional dance, music with the musicians Mimãe, Dice and Jossua, and a great football match between the Ricatlha Futebol Clube and Real Madala, with this last one winning the Cup of Activism for the Right to Health. It should be noted that the Health Fair falls within the scope of the ACTIVA-TE campaign, an initiative of the Alliance for Health, in defence of the right to health in Mozambique.


This activity took place with the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Municipality of Barcelona and other co-financers.