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Launch of the Campaign on Obstetric Violence – HumanizaMOZ

On November 24, 2021, the national campaign to prevent and combat obstetric violence #HumanizaMOZ was officially launched.

35 participants were present at this event, organized by Saber Nascer, a member organization of the Alliance for Health, including activists and members of different civil society organizations and representatives of the health sector. We highlight the presence of the following: Dr. Benjamim Matingane (AMOG - Mozambican Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists); Dr. Eugénia Tsovo (Health Service of the City of Maputo); Yara Utuie and Camila Fanheiro (Saber Nascer); Violeta Bila (medicusmundi / Alliance for Health); José Dias (Programa Potenciar); and, António Mathe (Observatório do Cidadão para Saúde).


The representative of the Health Service of Maputo, Dr. Eugénia Tsovo, recognizes that the problem exists and because of this problem (obstetric violence) the indicator for institutional births tends to decrease, which means that we have more women in fear to use the services provided in maternities, due to lack of confidence in these same services.

It is obvious that if this situation prevails, we will have more maternal and child deaths.”

(Dr. Eugénia Tsovo)


The representative of AMOG, Dr. Benjamim Matingane, challenged everyone to work more on prevention, raising awareness among young people and children to respect the human rights of women, as they will be future health professionals or from other areas, and it is imperative to respect human rights in all circumstances.

We all need to say STOP to obstetric violence. This violence is often more verbal and psychological than physical, which ends up diluting its relevance. However, these are only more serious forms of violence.

(Dr. Benjamim Matingane)


Two of the activists present in the room, one from ASCHA and the other from Saber Nascer, claimed to have experienced obstetric violence. The ASCHA activist indicated that she was afraid of becoming a mother again because of the obstetric violence she suffered.

The question is, how many more women are afraid to be mothers again? And how many more do not even have the opportunity to say whether or not they want to be mothers because they are already dead?

(ASCHA activist)


Next steps related to #HumanizaMOZ campaign: a workshop will be held with civil society and members of the Government to analyze and discuss this theme on the next 6th and 7th of December. And, over the next 12 months, there will also be several other activities that we will be announcing. Pay attention!