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First Round of Talks on Humanization, Ethics and Professional Deontology in Health

On the 23rd of June, the Alliance for Health participated in a debate on humanization, ethics, and professional deontology in health, carried out by the Potenciar program, with a view to debating the impact of the quality of professional training in the care of health facilities' users.

The aim of this debate, which included the participation of several civil society organizations, was to reflect on the way in which moral values ​​and principles are constructed in society, to analyse how these same principles and values ​​are reflected in the provision of both public and private healthcare services.


In addition to civil society organizations, the Ministry of Health (MISAU), through the Department of Quality and Humanization, the Mozambican Midwives Association, the Mozambican Nurses Association, the Higher Institute of Health Sciences (ISCISA), the Civil Society Platform for Health in Mozambique (Plasoc-M), also participated in this event, as well as Professor Severino Ngoenha.


Read more (in Portuguese):  https://bit.ly/roda-de-debate