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School of Health Activism Social Determinants of Health (SDH) Primary Health Care (PHC)

Training on Social Determinants of Health and Primary Health Care in Maputo

The Alliance for Health started on the September 27th a 5-day training on Social Determinants of Health and Primary Health Care.

The Course on Social Determinants of Health and Primary Health Care is taught by the health trainers Juliana García and Lágrima Fabião and aims to contribute to the strengthening of the National Health System in Mozambique, through the following strategies: (1) to sensitize current health professionals, activists from the social sectors and future professionals, on the importance of identifying and recognizing social inequalities and inequities, particularly those related to health, linked to the social determinants of health (SDH), as well as primary health care (PHC); and (2) to improve the knowledge, attitudes and skills of these actors in identifying SDH and in strategies to promote the reduction of inequalities and equity; and introduce primary health care analytics.

The Course on Social Determinants of Health and Primary Health Care is aimed at members of the Alliance for Health, activists, leaders and technicians from social movements, educational institutions, civil society organizations from different areas, such as the defense of rights human rights, women's rights, the right to health, or the environmental right; health professionals from different categories, particularly those directly linked to the provision of PHC; and students of health science courses in Mozambique.

The ongoing training has the following thematic units:

  • The health-disease process
  • Social inequalities
  • Health inequalities
  • The social determinants of health (SDH)
  • Interventions on social determinants of health (SDH)
  • The health situation in the African Region and in Mozambique
  • The health profile in the African Region and Mozambique: demographic and epidemiological
  • Primary health care (PHC) in Mozambique: contextualization and framing of PHC in Mozambique
  • Health Sector priorities and strategies: the PESS
  • The implementation of PHC strategies and main challenges


This course has the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and other co-financers.