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The School of Health Activism (SHA) is an integral part of the Alliance for Health, responding to the training and knowledge sharing component. Creating the first School of Health Activism in the country to defend the public health system and the right to health, from an SDoH approach, will be fundamental to the process of consolidating and ensuring visibility of the Alliance for Health.

The proposed methodology for this component consists in designing a training space for Mozambican activists with the support and guidance of international activists and specialists in human rights related to public health, such as the  People’s Health Movement (PHM), medicusmundi, N’weti, CESC, Fórum Mulher and others. 

The SHA will be predominantly digital/virtual, so it is accessible to interested people in Maputo and provincial capitals where access to information and communication technologies is likely to be greater and where, at least initially, greater impact can be made towards changing or fulfilling public policy.

To reach the most remote (and disadvantaged) communities and promote grassroots activism, beyond the capital and other cities of the country where a large part of the intellectual mass is concentrated, it will be necessary to use other means, such as community radios and spaces (spaces for community participation in health, existing and created), with a view to social transformation in these more isolated areas too.

This activity has the financial support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), and other co-financers, such as the Municipality of Barcelona and Open Society Foundations.

For further information, please contact us through  the following email adress:


Our courses

These courses will be taught to groups comprising members of the Alliance for Health and other partners, in-person, in Maputo. Their duration, organisation, number of trainees, etc., will depend on available resources.

However, these same courses will also be taught through the EAS online platform, accessible via the Alliance for Health website. Their content will be available mainly in Portuguese, though there may be specific content in other languages i.e. English and Spanish.


I would like to invite you to participate in the courses offered by the School of Health Activism, in particular this course that I had the opportunity to learn and do successfully.

Maria Salomé Massingue Dinis (N'weti - Comunicação para Saúde)



Participating in this Digital Activism Course has really helped to enhance our capabilities with regard to the use of social networks in favour of our cause.

Célia Muchanga (Associação Kutenga)



From left to right:
Rabeca Chilaule, Guilhermina Zucula, Madalena Cidália, Emilia Nhabanga


From left to right:
Anatercia Nhanala, Balbina Senda, Micas Nhamuave, Narcia Mazivile