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The School of Health Activism (SHA) is an integral part of the Alliance for Health, responding to the training and knowledge sharing action line. The creation of the first School of Health Activism in Mozambique, within the scope of the defense of a public health system and the right to health, based on the social determinants of health approach, is fundamental in the process of consolidation and visibility of the Alliance itself.

The methodology to be followed in this component consists of designing a training space for Mozambican activists, with the support and guidance of international human rights activists and specialists, in the field of health, but also of environment, gender and other areas, from different organizations like People’s Health Movement (PHM), medicusmundi, N’weti, CESC, Fórum Mulher, among others. 

The SHA will have a predominant digital / virtual aspect, so that interested people can access Maputo and provincial capitals, where there is greater probability of access to information and communication technologies; and where, at a first level, one can have a greater impact on changing or complying with public policies.

To reach the most remote (and most disadvantaged) communities and promote the generation of local activism, in addition to the capital and other cities in the country, where a large part of the intellectual mass is concentrated, it will be necessary to use other means, such as radios and community spaces (spaces for community participation in health, established and created), with a view to social transformation, also in these more isolated areas.

Our courses

Our courses will be taught to small groups of people from the member organizations of the Alliance for Health and other partners, whenever possible also in face-to-face format, in Maputo, being their duration, organization, number of trainees, etc., dependent on the availability of resources.

All of our courses will be available for free on the SHA online platform and the Alliance for Health website. Their content will be available preferably in Portuguese, and there may be specific content in other languages, namely English and Spanish.